Expert Connect

Powered by CSIRO, Expert Connect is designed to boost industry-researcher collaboration by creating a publicly searchable database of Australia’s research expertise. Profiles for over 70,000 researchers from over 200 research organisations have been automatically created by drawing on data from IP Australia, ARC, NHMRC, Web of Science and The Conversation. Any business person can search for a topic of interest (using simple, non-scientific language) and find the most relevant researchers to connect with.

We encourage our CSIRO Alumni to verify their profile on Expert Connect.
Researchers are encouraged to verify their profiles (which will help boost their rankings in the search results), and to update their details on The Conversation (or register as an author if they haven’t already).

We recommend you also update your ORCID profile, and ensure you list your ORCID on everything you do in your academic career.

Please visit Expert Connect to verify your profile.

Got a question? Check out the answers at Expert Connect FAQs