CyberTaipan Mentor

CyberTaipan is an Australian Youth Cyber Defence Competition modelled on the US Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program. The competition is designed to inspire the next generation of digital natives to embrace cybersecurity and pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Teams of high-school aged students are given a set of virtual images that represent different operating systems. They are challenged to find and fix cyber security vulnerabilities, strengthen systems, and maintain critical services. Across two competition rounds, teams compete for a chance to represent their school or community group in the CyberTaipan National Final 

What is a Technical Mentor? 

Technical mentors are professionals with experience in IT and/or cybersecurity who volunteer their time to support CyberTaipan teams. The type of support mentors can provide ranges from competition preparation through to career advice. 

How Mentors support teams 

The type of support mentors provide will vary. As a volunteer, mentors are under no time obligation and are not required to stick to a particular support format. However, the best time to support your teams with be between the months of July – September. Once connected, coaches will be able to guide mentors on the type of support they and their team require. This could be providing a short guest lecture to teams, or simply answering technical questions that a coach may have to help train their teams more effectively. 

  • Develop, with the coach’s guidance, a plan to teach cyber defence skills and cyber ethics.
  • Provide career advice about their journey into cybersecurity or computer science.
  • Support and advise team training events.
  • Mentors can support teams ‘remotely’ or locally.

What skills do Technical Mentors need? 

Mentors should possess a working knowledge of computer systems and a passion for connecting with high-school age students. Technical mentors don’t have to be cyber experts but must have a foundational understanding of computer systems to best support teams. 

Why be a Technical Mentor? 

CyberTaipan is based on a proven framework for educating and inspiring high school students in the fields of cyber ethics and cybersecurity. As a technical mentor, you can shape the future of Australian digital natives by: 

  • Highlighting a career in cybersecurity and STEM related fields.
  • Offering a real-world perspective to the challenges faced in the competition.
  • Building the leadership and teamwork capabilities of students.


You can register to be a Mentor by clicking here – Mentor Registration – CSIRO Digital Careers 

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