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Calling all CSIRO Alumni – your organisation needs you!

We live in a competitive world where ongoing support of the community and all our stakeholders is critical. One way that CSIRO demonstrates its value to our nation is when our scientists win prestigious prizes, grants and fellowships.

Many of our young scientists are hesitant to apply for prizes and awards as they find writing such applications daunting for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it may simply be a lack of confidence in their ability to write about the wider impact and importance of their work. Some have had no experience in preparing awards applications and would benefit greatly from a coach or mentor.

Alumni can contribute significantly to CSIRO scientists’ ability to win major prizes, grants and fellowships by sharing their considerable knowledge and experience as Expert Advisors. Currently expert advice is only possible for a few of the most important prizes and this is where CSIRO Alumni can really help by expanding our pool of support.

By being involved, alumni re-engage with active scientists and are often surprised that their experience is of great value – you know far more than you think you do and have wider life and corporate experience than the younger scientists you will be mentoring. Those who have taken part already have found it to be a stimulating and highly rewarding experience.

The Research Office is looking for volunteer Expert Advisors to provide high-level advice to the teams or individuals preparing for major prizes, grants and fellowships.

To register your interest in being an Expert Advisor with the Research Office, click on the button below where you will be asked to provide some information about yourself.

How the Expert Advisor program will work:

Alumni register by providing their contact details and completing a few survey questions to tell us their field(s) of research expertise, the types of proposals and awards/prizes with which they have experience, and the extent to which they would like to contribute.

When a CSIRO researcher or team requests advice for a major prize, grant or fellowship, they are matched to an Expert Advisor, who is then invited to work with the CSIRO researcher(s) to help develop their proposal/nomination. The program is entirely voluntary for both parties.

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Privacy Statement

CSIRO is committed to your privacy and will use your personal information only in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including in accordance with this privacy statement.

Your personal information is being collected by the CSIRO Research Office to enable you to volunteer as an Expert Advisor. The personal information contained in your responses to the questions will be held initially by SurveyMonkey (whose servers are located overseas), then downloaded to a secure database in CSIRO that is accessible only to CSIRO Research Office staff. Once downloaded to CSIRO, your responses will be deleted from SurveyMonkey.

The Research Office will use the information you provide to match your expertise with a CSIRO researcher (or team) who has requested assistance in preparing an application for a prize, grant or fellowship. The Research Office will make contact with you to request your assistance and, if you agree, will share your email address with the CSIRO researcher.

If you wish to update your details, withdraw from the Expert Advisor scheme, or raise a question or concern, you can contact us by:

Please also refer to CSIRO’s Privacy Policy for further information, including further ways to access, complain or request an amendment of your personal information.