Kaley Butten

June 7th, 2021

Area of research:

Mobile health, eHealth, Health Systems, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research

Research project details:

My current project is investigating the feasibility and acceptability of an mHealth platform to support the management of gestational diabetes within a regional/remote, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health context.


Business Unit: Health and Biosecurity. I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, within the Australian eHealth Research Centre (Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service – STARS)

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

  • I am interested in career-related mentorship, ideally from someone that is also in the social sciences or in a project management role generally
  • As someone who has not followed the typical science-based career trajectory, I am interested in learning from others who may also be dynamic in their career path
  • Monthly meetings either in person or via video would be appreciated

My general interests :

I came to science a bit late and have had a mixed career prior. I am married and have two sons, 11 and 17. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada, I have travelled a fair bit and continue to enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I enjoy eating, cooking and gardening (probably in that order!). My science interests are pretty broad, but public health and health equity always seems to be at the core of my curiosity and passion.