2020 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics

September 25th, 2020

The 2020 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship ceremony was held at Lindfield on Wednesday 19 February.

This year’s winner was Benjamin Paul Dix-Matthews and the award was presented by Dr Marcus Zipper.

Benjamin’s project is ‘Coherent optical free-space frequency dissemination’. Benjamin has developed an innovative system capable of overcoming the complex challenges associated with the stabilised free-space transfer of optical frequencies.

He used the 2020 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship to travel to France to test his prototype system in a practical experiment of an optical transmission between two buildings in Toulouse. The project is in collaboration with the CNES The French Space Agency.

A panel of our former winners presented a short series of talks on how the scholarship has helped them with their research and supported their work.

The audience and guests enjoyed afternoon tea after the event and caught up with former colleagues and heard more from the scholarship winners.

Learn more about Benjamin’s work

As Benjamin was already in France at the time of the award ceremony, he prepared this video for our audience to thank the CSIRO Alumni for awarding him the scholarship and to explain his work and demonstrate his experiments at the CNES The French Space Agency.