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Microvine: Sustainable production of table grapes year-round with novel microvine cultivars

To meet global demand, horticulture productivity improvements will need reduced inputs and increased production per hectare. Urban agriculture and intensive protected cropping are two new approaches that show promise, but adapting existing fruit tree crops to these systems has proven difficult.

The ability to retain a small plant stature makes microvine a retail option in the nursery market as potted plant for fresh fruit in the home or backyard garden.

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Next-generation digital phased array satcom ground stations.

Over the next decade, tens of thousands of small satellites will be launched into non-geostationary orbits, mostly deployed as constellations. All these satellites need to communicate with the ground at specific, pre-allocated and shared radio frequency bands, increasing downlink capacity from gigabits per second (Gbps) to terabits per second (Tbps).

Transitioning from parabolics to digital phased array technologies will enable the industry to scale quickly to meet the demands of satellite constellations. Our solution, a cryogenically-cooled digital phased array, can support thousands of electronically-steered beams simultaneously for transmission tracking and/or adaptive nulling.

We are exploring options to establish a joint venture with an ‘anchor’ partner to produce systems and operate them as a service. Interested investors are encouraged to contact CSIRO’s Commercialisation team to explore potential investment.

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A computational tool that helps engineers design pipelines for complex fluids and slurries.

CSIRO researchers have developed a computational tool that predicts the flow transport behaviour of complex fluids and slurries in pipelines. This tool enables users to rapidly and readily assess and compare pipeline designs for various fluids and slurries.

Traditional pipe design processes and methods routinely struggle with complex flow behaviour in pipes. The advantage of PipeTools over contemporary hydraulic design tools is that it incorporates non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, an important feature for slurry design, along with the transport of settling solids. This multi-physics approach to defining pipe and pump parameters minimises techno-economic risks associated with the transport of complex slurries.

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Conservation grade varnish for protecting artworks

The preservation of irreplaceable works of art is critical for their longevity as cultural heritage assets in both public and private art collections. Varnishes are applied to oil paintings to provide a physical protective layer and additionally impart an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Varnish coatings need to be stable, have the correct visual and handling characteristics and be selectively removable.

We have used cutting-edge flow chemistry technology to develop a bespoke fine-art resin with minimal discolouration or cracking over time. CSIRO’s leading capability in flow chemistry allowed the team to develop the resin in a safer, cleaner, more efficient way than traditional chemical manufacturing. This in turn delivered improved colour, chemical stability, and consistency between batches.

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Atmospheric Water Generation prototype

An atmospheric water generation (AWG) prototype that works in almost all humidity conditions to generate potable water.

With more than 1.9 billion people living in water scarce areas, the need for a reliable, sustainable source of clean water is imperative. CSIRO scientists have developed a device that can harvest potable water from straight out of the ambient air, using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

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Rotating Liquid Sheet (RLS) contactor

We have developed a new kind of contactor that overcomes the flood point limit.

The Rotating Liquid Sheet (RLS) contactor is a cost effective contactor that can process twice the gas volume rate at half the pressure drop in the same diameter vessel.

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