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Networking tips

Is there a science to smooth talking? A magic networking formula that will help you overcome your fear of talking to new people?

We know that great science requires collaboration, but the first step of initiating a conversation is often the hardest. Here’s some tips to increase your confidence and help you get the most out of networking with your peers.

How to set up your LinkedIn profile

With our CE Larry launching his public blog on LinkedIn in March 2018, we decided to brush up on our LinkedIn skills with our resident expert from Ribit, Matthew Sayer. Learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile and make the most of online networking.

Ribit – finding the right students for the right jobs

Ribit is Australia’s leading job and internship matching platform for post-secondary students. We connect dynamic student and recent graduate talent to innovative businesses for meaningful work, allowing students to put their skills and studies into practice. Jobs, projects and internships are all paid, and span skills-shortage fields including tech, engineering, data, business, marketing, design and more.

Main Sequence: CSIRO Innovation Fund

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