Hear from alumni

Hear from our alumni in their own words or submit your own story or business advert.

Alumni stories
Many alumni have great stories to tell. Our community is a place where you can share your experiences and let us all know about your significant projects, the impact your work has had, the trials and tribulations of research or the enjoyment you get from voluntary work.

Alumni working in our Equity Portfolio companies
Many of our alumni now work in companies that originated at CSIRO. Read about over 180 companies that have been born from CSIRO technology.

Alumni in business
We are keen to support alumni who have started their own companies. Promote your business to other members and create a free listing within our community.

Alumni working elsewhere
Many of our members have worked in other companies or organisations before or after CSIRO and we’d love to hear about working somewhere else. As our alumni continue their careers beyond CSIRO, we’d like to keep in touch and ask you to share your experiences with the network.

Read stories from our CSIRO Oral History Collection
Many people have been part of the evolution of CSIRO. In this collection of oral histories, we have allowed some of those people to tell in their own way their influence on that evolution. It is a group representative of the senior ranks of the organisation in the latter part of the 20th century.