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By linking world-class scientific developments with industry, we take research from the lab to the market, creating real-world economic, environmental and society-wide value.

Many of our alumni now work in companies that originated at CSIRO. Read through the links and stories below to find out more about their work.

And if you’re working within one of these companies – please feel free to get in touch and share your latest news.

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Read about over 180 companies that have been born from CSIRO technology. These companies have a combined market capitalisation in excess of AUD$3 billion.

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Hear from alumni

Nancy Schellhorn : Nancy is one of our CSIRO Alumni members and the CEO and co-founder of RapidAIM

Paul Sims: Paul originally worked on the BARLEYmax® commercialisation when he was at CSIRO and left to join The Healthy Grain

Silvia Pfeiffer: Silvia is the CEO and Co-Founder of CSIRO spin-out and a successful ON alumni Coviu

Nick Cutmore: Nick is one of our CSIRO Alumni members and is the Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer of MRead. MRead is on a mission to eliminate the threat of landmines through building new detection capabilities for humanitarian demining.

Portfolio company news

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January 2024


V2food flex: Acquires Soulara, launches new brand – Food & Drink Business (

V2Food Boosts Plant-Based Range with Soulara Acquisition (

Oxitec: Stopping the world’s most invasive mosquito – CSIRO


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