Switch is CSIRO’s new secondment and mobility program and is one of the ways we’re bringing our Collaboration Hub Strategic Action of Strategy 2020 to life.

About Switch

Switch is about improving our connection and engagement with our partner organisations and secondments are one way to do this.

Our new program involves embedding our people in partner organisations for a set period of time. It provides the secondment structure to set up a mutually beneficial switch for both CSIRO and our partner. This gives people the opportunity to gain direct experience in another organisation, broadening their exposure to different business models/markets/commercial operations and gaining new capabilities and skills.

Switch provides a critical pathway to supporting and improving our engagement and collaboration with local and international industry, government and research partners.

The secondments will run for three months as we have identified that this is a sufficient length of time to be embedded within an external organisation in order to develop critical insights, but also minimises disruption to projects, business units, and family needs.

We are keen to hear from local and international organisations who would be interested in developing partner opportunities.

Please contact alumni@csiro.au