STEM Professionals in Schools

Inspire the next generation through STEM Professionals in Schools

STEM Professionals in Schools is Australia’s largest volunteer program of its kind and connects teachers with industry professionals to bring real-world Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) into the classroom.

CSIRO facilitates partnerships between teachers and STEM professionals from government, industry, and universities to enhance teaching practices and to inspire students to pursue STEM education.

We welcome former CSIRO staff and retired STEM professionals to volunteer with us so they can work with teachers to enhance STEM education in Australian classrooms.

Aligned with the curriculum, each partnership between a volunteer and teacher is unique and flexible, with support from the national STEM Professionals in Schools team.

Volunteer activities can include mentoring, career talks, presentations, field trips, hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and online engagement. Professionals and teachers can also access a suite of resources and events to support and enhance their partnerships.

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Benefits for you

  • Share your skills, experience and professional knowledge in your chosen STEM discipline
  • Contribute to the professional learning of today’s teachers by bringing STEM expertise into the classroom
  • Increase your confidence, presentation skills and passion
  • Inspire teachers and students by showcasing STEM-related careers
  • Contribute to the community

Video showcases

Real world input for real world impact

Your wealth of knowledge and experience can be incredibly valuable for teachers and students. This video shows examples of how schools have benefitted from their partnerships with STEM professionals.

To request a transcript please contact us.


Distance partnerships

The program also has a focus on fostering remote partnerships (that connect mostly or exclusively over the phone, email or via videoconferencing) to:

  • increase the program’s reach into regional Australia
  • provide equal access to STEM professional volunteers
  • support partnerships in adhering to COVID-safe practices.

For examples of distance partnerships in action, watch the video below to see CSIRO’s Dr Jurg Schutz and Tempy Primary School; and retired pilot, Steve Murray and South George Town Primary School.

To request a transcript please contact us.

See the STEM Professionals in Schools website to find more inspiring stories and videos of volunteers that have given back to their communities.

Hear from our alumni:

“A Fishy Tail” 

Retired CSIRO fisheries scientist Craig Proctor has been partnered with Indonesian language teacher Ingrid Colman at Lansdowne Crescent Primary School in Tasmania for a decade. Find out how they combine science, culture, and Indonesian language in class.

“Scientists in Schools” by Peter Brisbane

While at the CSIRO, Peter really enjoyed his involvement in the Student Research Scheme (SRS) where he hosted high school students in his laboratory for a week at a time. He registered with the Scientists in Schools programme and enjoyed bringing to young people the fun, excitement and satisfaction of working with science.

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