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All former CSIRO employees are eligible to join our CSIRO Alumni. We encourage you to register and become part of the community.

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Our alumni network enables members to stay in touch with each other and keep updated with alumni and CSIRO, news and activities.

International alumni
We are keen to hear more from our members who are overseas and help them connect to other alumni locally.

Expert Connect
Data61’s Expert Connect is designed to boost industry-researcher collaboration by creating a publicly searchable database of Australia’s research expertise. We encourage our CSIRO Alumni to verify their profile on Expert Connect.

ORCID is an independent non-profit organization that provides a persistent identifier – an ORCID iD – that distinguishes you from other researchers and provides a mechanism for linking your research outputs and activities to your iD over the course of your career. ORCID is integrated into many systems used by publishers, funders, institutions, and other research-related services.

Career Development
Learn how to build your profile, develop your network and find out about opportunities, courses and jobs

Hear from alumni
Hear stories from our alumni and read about the businesses they’ve started and the places they’ve worked

There are many benefits to joining the CSIRO Alumni network. Build your own network and check out the alumni special offers and useful links