Our alumni National Advisory Committee meets twice a year and includes a representative from each state, and a representative from our global and Data61 teams.

The remit of the National Advisory Committee:

  • Overall view of alumni activities and events nationwide
  • Promote alumni membership and engagement, encouraging members to stay connected and create a sense of belonging within the group
  • Input from each representative to help share learnings and ideas
  • Identify opportunities for the alumni programme
  • Support alumni program manager in developing annual event calendar
  • Determine priority of activities/events and where budget is best spent in order to keep the momentum behind events on an annual basis.
  • Allocate resources to help with alumni activities and events
  • Promote the alumni programme externally & internationally – call on members to act as advocates for CSIRO
  • Continue to develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the CSIRO and its alumni.

We also have an active state chapter in NSW that helps to organise the annual CSIRO Alumni Physics Scholarship.

If you would like to join the National Advisory Committee or volunteer to help with alumni events and activities, we’d be keen to hear from you. Please contact our alumni manager, Alexandra Mead at