About us

A very warm CSIRO welcome to our new alumni network, an online community of CSIRO’s greatest asset, our people. Thank you for your continuing support of our vital work to deliver solutions through science for Australia.

As the national science agency, we’ve spent a century collaborating with industry, government, academia and the community to make life better. So we’re thrilled we now have this online platform to strengthen some of our most important partnerships, the rich networks that exist with and between our brainstrust. You can use this site to connect with each other, attend events, volunteer, mentor, seek or facilitate introductions, and join discussions and forums relevant to your interests.

CSIRO today is tackling bigger and more multi-faceted challenges than ever before, and your contribution will be essential to our ongoing success. Your diversity of expertise and experience are the reason for CSIRO’s outstanding reputation and impact, and we will always be grateful. We hope we will continue to be an important part of your professional lives, and encourage you to keep us updated on your future endeavours.