A mentor provides guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration to a mentee. Mentoring programs build confidence through sharing life experiences, addressing learning needs and discussing options in career and in life.

Mentoring is one way to encourage and support people (both mentors and mentees) to learn continuously and to reflect on their learning and thinking processes. It can assist with planning, developing and managing your career.

The aim is to develop the individual not only for their current role, but also for the future. The long term impact of mentoring can be life and career changing.

There are a number of factors that make mentoring relevant today, including:

  • Obtaining new perspectives on careers and changing career paths
  • Changing professional requirements, and rapid growth of information and of knowledge in scientific disciplines
  • Individuals taking responsibility for career management

Beneficial outcomes of a mentoring relationship include:

  • Enhances performance
  • Increases productivity and contributions
  • Promotes a professional and connected community
  • Creates a diverse pool of leaders
  • Provides management training
  • Encourages multi-tasking and stretching the workforce

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee, please see below for the mentoring programmes that are currently managed by our CSIRO teams.

Each programme will outline what they expect from the Mentor and the Mentee and provide support materials on how to make the most from your partnership.

CERC Postdoc Mentoring program

We have set up a program to explore mentoring opportunities between CERC Postdocs and CSIRO Alumni members. We invite alumni members to read the profiles of some of our CERC Postdocs who are looking for external mentors. Read about their research and their career aspirations.  Select who you would be interested in mentoring, based on similar interests, experience and relevant skills. We will facilitate an introduction and help get your partnership started.


Mentoring_N.O.W. is a virtual meeting once a month via webex to bring people together across CSIRO and beyond to talk about issues related to the workplace.  Alumni members are welcome to join the group and our events are listed in the alumni calendar

Lindfield Mentoring Walks

CSIRO Manufacturing is hosting Mentor Walks at their Lindfield site. Each event will bring together a diverse group of mentors and mentees from a variety of public and private sector backgrounds.

Mentors and mentees are invited to take a one hour walk and to talk through their personal or professional successes, challenges and aspirations.

The Oceans & Atmosphere mentoring program

We welcome CSIRO Alumni members and invite you to register your interest.

Data61 Mentoring program

The program formally runs over 6 months, and consists of an array of activities, discussions and opportunities determined by the mentoring pair.