Lindfield Mentoring Walks

CSIRO Manufacturing is hosting Mentor Walks at their Lindfield site

Mentor Walks are events that bring together leaders and professionals (women and men) from any discipline and of any age to connect, support, inspire and learn from one another.

How does it work?

Each event will bring together a diverse group of mentors and mentees from a variety of public and private sector backgrounds.

Mentors and mentees are invited to take a one hour walk and to talk through their personal or professional successes, challenges and aspirations.

Mentees will be encouraged to bring with them their “one burning question” to make the most of their one hour walk.

Each Mentor Walk is a one off dialogue. Our mentors have no obligation to provide continued support after the event and mentees are welcome to join another Mentor Walk in the future.

Who can participate?

Mentors are senior leaders, established role models, entrepreneurs, boundary pushers and high achievers from different fields. They can choose to be involved in the walk series as a one-time commitment or as a regular mentor.

Mentees are professional women and men from any discipline and of any age who are seeking career guidance.

There is NO COST to participate as a mentor or mentee.

At this stage, registrations are open to participants from our alumni network, CSIRO, NMI, ANSTO and Lindfield Collaboration Hub tenants

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Guidelines and expectations

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Register your interest

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