2023 Portfolio company news

January 2023

‘Orange is the new Palo Alto’: Why the next Atlassian, Canva will be from the bush

Saluda Medical: Saluda Medical Announces Presentation of 36-Month Trial Data at NANS 2023 Annual Meeting

March 2023

Arista Cereals: New High-Fibre Wheat Enters Australian Market with 6x More Fibre

Quasar Satellite Technologies: Dish disruptor Quasar Satellite Technologies raises $6m in pre-Series A round

April 2023

Mread: CSIRO technology to help global landmine clearing efforts

May 2023

Amfora: McClintock and Amfora Form Strategic Collaboration to Leverage AI to Improve Protein Content of Soy

Evergen: CSIRO to build Australia-first mobile hydrogen generator

June 2023

Omnisova: Supporting eggcellence in cooperative research

NutriV: This cauliflower and pumpkin ice cream is a delicious way to get your five a day

July 2023

Futurefeed: Asparagopsis feed additive research answering industry questions

NextOre: RFC Ambrian tips into NextOre Series B capital raise; plans IPO

August 2023

Hadean Energy: Hadean Energy by CSIRO set to pursue hydrogen for heavy industry

FutureFeed: Australian company formed to commercialize seaweed additive

Opturion: Opturion awarded contract by Woodside Energy for optimisation technology

September 2023

FutureFeed: Australian Seaweed Startup SeaForest Nominated for 2023 EarthShot Prize

Saluda: Saluda Medical Receives FDA Approval for Evoke® System MRI Labeling

AdAlta: AdAlta says new AD-214 dosing models enhance partnering potential

Coviu: Alumni Achievement Award at Australian Technologies Competition

Oxitec: Oxitec partners with CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, to launch development of a Friendly™ solution for the invasive, dengue-spreading Asian tiger mosquito (webull.com)

October 2023

NutriV: Racing to plate up future protein

V2Food: SXSW Sydney 2023 Showcases Colour-Changing Plant-Based Meat & Ultra Realistic Molecular Fat

Nourish: Nourish Ingredients Unveils New Animal-Free Fat in Plant-Based Chicken with Edible Bones

November 2023

Nourish: The Australian bioeconomy market is more than medicine (innovationaus.com)

NutriV: The challenge of ending food waste and food insecurity in Australia – CSIRO

Emesent: Emesent enables safer 3D mapping with new autonomous perception capabilities for drones in GPS-denied locations (abnnewswire.net)

Arista: Limagrain Ingredients is on a mission to bridge the fibre gap with the globally accepted staple: white bread (bakeryandsnacks.com)