2022 Portfolio company news

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November 2022

V2Food: Jack Cowin of Hungry Jack’s reveals his business tips on how to play the coming downturn – The Australian Financial Review

Nourish: Nourish Ingredients gets $28.6M boost for its animal-free fats – TechCrunch

The Healthy Grain: AB Mauri launches BarleyMax high-fibre wholegrain in UK – British Baker

NutriV: CSIRO, Nutri V turning vegetable food waste into healthy snacks one farm at a time

Coviu: Pandemic inspires a great telehealth embrace – The Australian Financial Review

Chrysos: New Found Gold proves out Chrysos PhotonAssay sampling method – International Mining

FutureFeed: Is asparagopsis the answer to livestock methane emissions? – The Weekly Times

AdAlta: Adalta Ltd expands disease areas for AD-214 applications – Proactive Investors Australia

October 2022

Eden Brew: The future of protein is bugs, biotech, vege burgers – and beef – Newsroom

Eden Brew: Opinion: Synthetic milk is no longer a sci-fi fantasy, it’s here already – Alberta Express

V2 Food: Marley Spoon’s V2food Plant-Based Meals Review – Gizmodo Australia

September 2022

Endua: Chasing talent a tough gig for start-ups (afr.com)

Eden Brew: Comment: Synthetic milk not like the udders – Manitoba Co-operator (manitobacooperator.ca)

Eden Brew: Major change coming to supermarket shelves after breakthrough – would you drink it? (yahoo.com)

May 2022

Chrysos Corporation: Physics ‘lab nerd’ a bedrock of ASX’s biggest float of 2022