Peter Spinks courses – CSIRO Alumni members special offer

August 6th, 2021

In the runup to National Science Week, Peter Spinks has offered CSIRO Alumni members a 20% discount on upcoming courses.

Peter Spinks holds a master’s degree in research psychology and has published in international academic journals. Since 1980, he has broadcast and written for leading media organisations, including Radio Four and the World Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation, The Guardian and The Observer newspapers and New Scientist magazine in London.

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Upcoming courses

Talking about science:

Science writing 101 workshop:

Talking about space science:

Writing for science journals:

Writing science media releases:

The art of communicating science and technology:

Selling science and technology:

Writing winning IT reports:

How The Media Works:


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Or phone the workshop landline number: +61-3-54291437 (for both bookings and enquiries, Monday to Friday, business hours).