Active ag and food technology investor SparkLabs Cultiv8 reveals more funding

April 27th, 2021

Australasian Farmers’ & Dealers’ Journal, Other, 26/04/2021
With funding for ten further ag projects just announced, SparkLabs Cultiv8 now has 36 investments under its management and it claims these companies are now worth in excess of AU$400 million and have raised over AU$100m from global venture, corporate, strategic and private investors. […] Investments include a CSIRO project where a specific seaweed is fed to livestock to reduce their methane production, a consumer app with an intention to enhance consumer decision making, contributing to better outcomes for the planet, And an unusual one is a company making honey without bees, along with a packaging technology that reduces single use plastic in our supply chains and some strong consumer facing food products with health benefits.

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