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Australian Government

AQIS – Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service



Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Australian Research Council

Department of Education

Department of Employment

Department of Environment

Department of Health

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

FSANZ – Food Standards Australia New Zealand

IP Australia

National Health and Medical Research Council

Productivity Commission

Academies and Institutions

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

AgriFutures Australia

Australian Academy of the Humanities

Australian Academy of Science

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre

Australian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


International Centre for Scientific Research

International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS)

Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc.

American Academy of Sciences

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

Australian Marine Sciences Association

Institute of Food Technologists

Los Alamos National Laboratory

National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)

Smart Services CRC

The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan

United Nations Statistics Division

US Food & Drug Administration

International Bodies

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Royal Society of New Zealand

Codex Alimentarius Commission – International Food Standards

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

International Energy Agency (IEA)

International Life Sciences Institute

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

World Bank

World Economic Forum

World Health Organisation

World Meteorological Organization


ABC Science

Ecos – Australia’s Sustainability Magazine

Earth Science Australia


New Scientist

Nova – Science in the News

Science Alert – Australia and New Zealand Scientific News

SCIRUS – web-based scientific research tool

Databases Free on the Web

Name Subject Full-Text Description
Abyz News Links News   and current affairs A   directory of newspapers and news sites from around the world, ordered by   country
ABARES Agriculture   and Resource Economics Some Publications   and statistics produced by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture &   Resource Economics
ABS Australian   Statistics Yes Australian   Bureau of Statistics publications from 1998
ACM Digital Library Association   for Computing Machinery Yes The ACM   Digital Library is a research, discovery and networking platform containing:

The   Full-Text Collection of all ACM publications, including journals, conference   proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books.

ACG – Online Repository of Conference proceedings   – Geomechanics Some Since   2005, the ACG has published conference papers across the geotechnical mining   spectrum, including: underground and open pit mining, paste and thickened   tailings and mine closure. The repository aims to provide the mining   geomechanics fraternity with open access, peer-reviewed conference   proceedings that may assist readers to maintain and develop their skills,   knowledge and capabilities.
ADT – Australian Digital Theses

Replace with Trove    –

Australian   theses – multidiscipinery Some Full   text digital versions of theses produced by the postgraduate research students   at Australian and NZ Universities from 1997

Agriculture   and Applied Economics Yes AgEcon   Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics is developed and   maintained at the University of Minnesota by Magrath Library and the   Department of Applied Economics. AgEcon Search collects, indexes, and   electronically distributes full text copies of scholarly research in   agricultural economics, including agribusiness, food supply, natural resource   economics, environmental economics, policy issues, agricultural trade, and   economic development. The database is searchable by any words used in the   citations and abstracts. The full text papers are available in PDF format.
Agris Agriculture Index   created by FAO, Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations

Education WWW   version of the largest educational database. Indexes over 700 educational   journals as well as books, conferences etc.
Australian Patents (AusPat) Australian   Patents Some Search   possible by Patent number only. No subject index
AustLII Australian   Legal Information Yes One of   the largest sources of legal information on the net. AustLII publishes public   legal information — that is, primary legal materials (legislation, treaties   and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary legal materials created   by public bodies for purposes of public access (law reform and royal   commission reports for example) and a substantial collection of law journals
BioMed Central Biomedical Some Over   100 open access journals (ie anyone can view the full-text), however, some   others are only available via subscription
Cancer Topics Cancer Published   by the US National Institute of Health. Includes information on types of cancer,   treatment, prevention causes etc. Mesothelioma cancer support is an advocacy and support group dedicated to providing all the latest in cancer research, treatment, and aid.
CEDA  – Committee for Economic Development of   Australia

Economics Some CEDA –   the Committee for Economic Development of Australia – is a respected   independent national organisation with an engaged cross-sector membership.
CERN Document Server Particle   physics and related Some Over   900,000 bibliographic records, including 360,000 full text documents
CiteSeer.IST Science   with an emphasis on computer science Some A   scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses   primarily on the literature in computer and information science
Cochrane Library Clinical   Medicine Some The   Cochrane Library is a collection of databases that contain high-quality,   independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making
Conference   Alerts – Academic Conferences Worldwide Upcoming   conferences – multidisciplinery Links   to websites for up-and-coming conferences. Constantly updated and arranged by   subject and country Reference A   popular free dictionary service. Includes also Roget’s Thesaurus, and a   translation service
DOM – Directory of Open Access   Journals Multi-disciplinary Yes Provides   access to over 4200 freely available, multidisciplinary ejournals in   fulltext. Service provided by Lund University Libraries
ECOTOXicology   Database Environmental   sciences Some The   ECOTOXicology database provides chemical-specific toxicity values for aquatic   life, terrestrial plants, and terrestrial wildlife. Ecotox version 4.0 is   useful for the evaluation of industrial chemicals, pesticides, and metals and   impact assessments associated with effluent, leachate, and environmental   monitoring data
E-Print   network Science   & Engineering Yes Produced   by the US Dept. of Energy, provides access to e-prints available at various   sites

European   Patents Yes Full   text of patent applications published by the European Patent Office Federal   Government Some Access   to federal government information sites, services and documents
Florabase Botany Western   Australian Flora. Over 21,000 plant names and descriptions
FreePatentsOnline Patents Some US,   European, Japanese and World Patents
Google Scholar Multidisciplinery A web   search engine that indexes the full-text of scholarly information
Groundwater Protection &   Restoration Group Groundwater Some An   international centre of excellence for research on groundwater. Provides   links to summaries or full text of publications and also contact details for   authors
HighWire Press Multidisciplinery Yes Over 6   million full-text articles from more than 1200 professional journals
INIS – Nuclear   Information Some International   Information System produced by the International Atomic Energy Agency
IPAustralia Australian   Intellectual Property including Patents and Trademarks Bibliographic information Provides   subject access to Australian patents but not full text yet. The database is   under development
ISI Highly Cited Top   Cited Scientists No Top   half a percent of most highly cited world scientists. Information and   publication list
MareDoc Marine   Research Some Access   to Worldwide documents relating to Marine Research created by German Society   for Marine Research and Carl von Ossietzky University Mineralogy The   largest mineral database and mineralogical website on the internet. Includes   full descriptions, photos and locations
Mineralogy Database Mineral   descriptions and data Descriptions   of nearly 4500 minerals including crystallography, crystal structure X-Ray   diffraction data, properties and classification
National Pollutant Inventory Pollution   in Australia Some Information   on 93 toxic substance emissions in Australia
Office   of Scientific and Technical Information – Environmental   sciences, engineering and physical sciences Some At the   U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information   (OSTI) you can find research results and science information from the   Manhattan Project to the present.
Open   Grey – Scientific   grey literature Some System   for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, is your open access to 700.000   bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe and   allows you to export records and locate the documents.
Public Library of Science – PLOS Scientific   journals Some Peer reviewed   science and medical journals full-text online
PubMed Medicine Some Includes   a freely available version of Medline and more. A key resource in health and   medicine
SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data   System Astronomy,   Physics & Computer Science Some Operated   by the Smithsonian Astrological Observatory and includes access to NASA   research and links to the website with over half a million e-prints US   Government reports Some Includes   Department of Energy and US Geological Survey reports
Source   OECD – OECD   reports Some Provides   access to the full text of all monographs, reports, studies, periodicals and   statistics produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and   Development (OECD).
USPTO US   Patents Yes Full   text of US patents since 1976