Amanda Padovan

October 21st, 2020

Area of research:
My research makes the link between genetic variation and physical variation in organisms.

Research project details:
My current project is an industry funded project in which I am developing a resistance monitoring tool for Bt resistance in Helicoverpa species. This project involves determining the frequency of known resistance markers and predicting the effect of genetic changes in genes known or predicted to be involved in resistance.

CSIRO Land and Water, Black Mountain

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:
I would like the mentor to be a female, mother who is within 15-20 years of their PhD, and preferably a biologist (not necessarily a working in genetics/genomics). I am looking for career related advice and network building – I have several self-imposed restrictions (such as, I am not prepared to move away from Canberra) that mean I need to be more strategic with career building.
I would like to meet with a mentor monthly at most, virtually or in person meetings is ok – I prefer video conferencing than simply phone calls because I have trouble hearing and rely on lip-reading to fill in the gaps. It would also be nice to be able to request meetings between these times if something comes up that I think the mentor could assist with.

My general interests:
I have two small children (Arthur is 6.5 years, and Edith will be 3 years in August). I spend a lot of time with them and thinking about ways to give them the best life possible. I like gardening and crochet, but don’t spend a lot of time on them at the moment. I listen to audio books whilst driving or running to learn something (typically autobiographies or ‘self-help’ style books) and haven’t read a physical book or a novel since 2011.

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