Anna Roesler

May 23rd, 2022

Area of research:
Health and wellbeing behaviour change, nutrition and exercise, wellbeing, pregnancy and diabetes, precision health, system changes for health, Mobile health, eHealth

Research project details:
My post doctoral fellowship aims to test the uptake of a digital platform to support women with GDM and post partum mothers at increased risk of cardiometabolic disorders. I will also look into the presentation of health and wellbeing information for improved uptake and behaviour change via mHealth.

I am based in Adelaide at SAHMRI or CSIRO Kintore Avenue

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

  • I am interested in a career-related mentorship
  • I am flexible with catch ups, maybe these are monthly or bi monthly meetings, in person or online.
  • I am interested in a mentor who is interested in and has experience with behaviour change and working with health partners and digital technologies to support behaviour change.

More about me:

A few words to describe me: energetic, sporty, outdoors, nature, fun, sociable, adventurous, connect, learn, challenging, inquisitive, sustainable approach, cross-cultural understanding

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