Artificial intelligence in medicine: lowering the barriers

February 16th, 2021

Medical Journal of Australia, Other, 15/02/2021, Cate Swannell
Rapid advances in artificial intelligence in ophthalmology are a harbinger of things to come for other fields of medicine, according to the authors of a Perspective published online today by the Medical Journal of Australia. Associate Professor Peter van Wijngaarden, Principal Investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, and the University of Melbourne’s Department of Surgery, and colleagues wrote that “ophthalmology is at the vanguard of the development and clinical application of AI”. […] “The Australian Government, through the CSIRO and Data61; the Australian Council of Learned Academies; the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences; and specialty groups, such as the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, have made significant efforts to develop frameworks and policies for the effective and ethical development of AI,” van Wijngaarden and colleagues wrote.

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