Aussies trust eggs

September 21st, 2021

Eativity, Other, 18/09/2021

New research conducted by Voconiq, a research company spun out of the CSIRO, reveals that levels of trust and acceptance of the egg industry by Australians has increased year on year for the last three years, increasing by nearly 10 percent since 2018. The research, commissioned by Australian Eggs, is the fourth annual cycle of community engagement that explores the Australian public’s attitudes and opinions towards the egg industry. Its findings inform Australian Eggs’ annual Sustainability Framework Report, research and development programs and investments. Some key findings from this year’s survey:

• 65% of Australians expressed trust in the egg industry to act responsibly.

• 88% of Australians support the egg industry after weighing up its benefits and costs.

• 80% believe technology has improved welfare and environmental outcomes of egg farms.

• 70% of Australians agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic made them understand their reliance on a safe, reliable egg supply.

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