BARLEYmax®- the nutritionally superior wholegrain developed by CSIRO

August 9th, 2021

Paul Sims is one of our CSIRO Alumni members and is keen to share an update on the success of BARLEYmax® barley, the nutritionally superior wholegrain developed by CSIRO. .

Amongst the CSIRO Alumni there will be quite a few who worked directly on this product and a greater number aware of the  product, and hopefully an even greater number who regularly consume foods containing BARLEYmax® ingredients.

For those reasons, Paul thought that a short update on the success of BARLEYmax® commercialisation might be of interest to the alumni.

Paul Sims, who re-joined CSIRO in 2008 and from 2010, was working on the BARLEYmax commercialisation. In 2017 he left CSIRO but continued to work on BARLEYmax® commercialisation through The Healthy Grain P/L. There are three shareholders in this company, one of which is CSIRO.

BARLEYmax® ingredients are widely used in food products ranging from breakfast cereals, flat and loaf breads, to snack bars and rice balls. Such products are found on supermarket shelves in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and USA.

The nutritional profile of BARLEYmax wholegrain®, high in dietary fibre and prebiotics, and lower carbohydrate can help lower the risk of several chronic diseases. Importantly, the unique combination of prebiotic fibres found in BARLEYmax® wholegrain help to support good gut health.

For more information or to purchase BARLEYmax® flakes to use in your cooking or baking, please visit

Any enquiries please do email who would very much enjoy answering alumni questions.