Become a UROP Supervisor – help our talented Victorian undergraduate students

August 1st, 2023

Invest in a talented Victorian undergraduate student through our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

We are now seeking biomedical, biomedical computational or combination research projects for UROP students.

The next UROP round (Round 2) for student applications is now open and will close on Friday 04 August, for student placements to commence during the student’s upcoming summer break (2023/2024). Students are employed for a minimum of four weeks full time over their summer break and eight hours per week during semester for six to 12 months or more. The actual start dates and hours are arranged and agreed by the supervisor and the student.

For convenience of budgeting and forward planning for our supervisors, supervisor applications are now open all year round and will be accepted any time during the year. Please do indicate in your application when you would like the student to start (during their winter/summer break this year or during their winter/summer break in the future). However, if you want your project to be considered for 2023 Round 2, then applications need to be in at the time student applications close for this round which is Friday 04 August 2023. If a future vacation time is selected as your preferred start, we will call to confirm which year you would like the placements to start.

UROP students are employed and paid by the host laboratory as casual staff, at a rate approximately equivalent to CSIRO’s Enterprise Agreement pay rate of CSOF3 level ($35.20 per hour). Student employment contracts are with the organisation in which they are placed.

More information about the program is available here.

If you or any researcher in your team is interested in taking part in this program, we encourage you to submit your application here.

Please share this information amongst your research teams and networks in the biomedical research and/or biomedical computational science fields and help UROP reach further in 2023.