Caroline Bray

October 21st, 2020

Area of research:

Synthesis of complex polymeric architectures using RAFT polymerization for various targeted applications ranging from ‘smart’ technologies, solid state batteries and medicinal applications.

Research project details:

In my current role as a CERC postdoc at CSIRO, under the supervision of Dr. Graeme Moad, I am using RAFT polymerization to synthesis side chain liquid crystal polymers. Those polymers are consequently used for smart applications where the optical properties can be tuned by an external stimulus. I am managing each aspect of the project from the monomer synthesis, polymerization, device making and characterization.


I am working within the AFCI program of Manufacturing in Clayton (Monash Campus).

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

  • Overall, I am looking at various type of guidance from career related, network building and advice for dealing with starting a family and carrying with my career.
  • I would see the support time needed depending on what is happening in my career and what stage of my postdoc I am at! E.g. I might need more help if I decided to write a grant or when looking at might next career step.
  • In the current stage (COVID-19) I would rather meet through zoom, webex or Teams. However, once COVID-19 is ‘over’ I would be happy to meet up in person if needed!
  • If my alumni mentor has no experience in my field of research I don’t mind, however, if my mentor has gone through a career break during the early stage of their career that would be good to share experience!

My general interests:
Outside of work I love travelling and try new activities! I really enjoy hiking, scuba diving, canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding. I also love to take care and spend time with my Australian shepherd pup.


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