Charlotte Sobey

November 16th, 2020

Area of research:

Radio Astronomy / Astrophysics

Research project details:

Focussed on aspects of observational pulsar research using SKA pathfinder/precursor telescopes. In particular, using polarisation techniques, and the applications of investigating our Galaxy’s interstellar medium characteristics and structure, as well as the pulsar radio emission mechanism.


CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, Kensington, WA

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

The type of guidance I am looking for:

  • Primarily career-related: learning about mentor’s work experiences since leaving CSIRO and possible avenues to look into for future career steps beyond research post-doc, either within research or beyond.
  • Some general discipline experiences or information, particularly writing papers and related research tips.
  • Also expanding professional network

How much support and time I would expect from my mentor:

  • Between 6-monthly or yearly meetings, depending on availability and need
  • Zoom, WebEx or similar would be useful for meetings, and email to communicate otherwise
  • In person if it can be arranged in the future, but not essential

I would prefer a mentor in my research field, or a reasonably closely related research discipline, or a mentor with previous similar experience, if possible.

My general interests:

Astronomy, Dance (Ballet & Contemporary), Photography, Paddleboarding, Yoga

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