Differences in insecticide sensitivity shown in fall armyworm

March 30th, 2021

Get Industry, Other, 29/03/2021
New research indicates there are variable levels of sensitivity to some insecticides between populations of fall armyworm (FAW) in different geographical areas of Australia. FAW is a highly migratory, invasive pest that was first reported in Australia in February 2020 and quickly established across parts of northern Australia’s tropical and sub-tropical regions, including northern Queensland, the Northern Territory, and northern parts of Western Australia. […] The new findings are from two complementary projects, one being a comprehensive research project into FAW’s insecticide sensitivities and genetic make-up being led by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO with co-investment by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), FMC Australasia and Corteva Agriscience.

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