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Australia’s COVID future beyond the booster

2 May 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join leading thinkers and experts as we examine how the pandemic has changed priorities in health care and beyond when CEDA presents a national health and economic outlook and we consider the implications for living and working beyond the jab.

The third event in CEDA’s Pandemic to endemic series looks at our national response to COVID-19 and ongoing implications of the virus for individuals, businesses, our economy and society.

Almost two years to the day from the first COVID restrictions, we will examine the lessons learned and discuss how we might apply these lessons to reduce economic and health risks posed by future health crises.

Join CEDA’s audience in Melbourne when we review our handling of the pandemic and test assumptions as to how the virus is expected to impact Australia going forward – to shape health policy and funding, better invest in medicine and improve the lives of future generations.


Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square Off, Parliament Pl, Melbourne