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Climate Smart Engineering

August 22
Taking charge of the energy transition

This is your opportunity to collaborate with, learn from and become one of the real-world problem solvers who’ll take us to net zero.

Our upcoming Climate Smart Engineering Conference 2024 (CSE24) brings together some of the profession’s best and brightest thought leaders and stakeholders to navigate one of the most critical challenges in tackling climate change: the clean energy transition.

To build a net zero future, we have to get this part right – so this event is a must-attend for engineers of every discipline and sector, including the energy, infrastructure, design, construction, transport, defence, education and government sectors. You’ll find a program designed to inspire innovative solutions, accelerate progress and achieve the energy transition we all need.

What you can expect from CSE24

  • Hear from experts about the latest thinking, technology and advancements that can increase the impact of projects and strategic plans.
  • Get immersed in an interactive plenary program of industry leaders discussing and debating current challenges and solutions.
  • Explore the most pressing key topics, share knowledge and connect with a network of professionals who share a vision for a clean energy world.


Hear from CSIRO

Dr Daniel Roberts, Research Program Director and Dr Stephen Craig, Smart Energy Mission Lead will be representing CSIRO.

🎙️ Dan will be delving into the realm of ‘Emerging technologies and their role in driving the energy transition,’ offering valuable insights into the transformative power of our innovate science.

💡 Meanwhile, Stephen will be shedding light on ‘System design strategies for a sustainable energy transition,’ exploring the intricate framework needed for a seamless shift towards sustainability.

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