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Cutting edge symposium: Self-assembly meets additive for durable supply chains and transformative manufacturing (SAMAM-CES)

29 November 2022 - 1 December 2022

Conference goal and expected outcomes

The main goal of the symposium is to explore what has been done to date and new ideas to bridge the gap between additive manufacturing and self-assembly, as these two manufacturing methods working together at scale will enable automated, programmable, and efficient production of functional parts incorporating macro and nanoscale components.

Many areas would benefit from the advancement of precision additive manufacturing, including, for example, nanoelectronics, optics, energy storage and harvesting, medicine. Examples relevant to Australian manufacturing and defence/space capability include materials with persistence for mission critical assets, such that no repair is necessary while the asset is being used. Another example is metal-organic-framework (MOF) and enzymatic/catalytic devices that identify, trap, and remediate toxic compounds. Hierarchical architectural modification based on self-assembly could be leveraged for programming new adaptive materials that deploy a controlled change in shape or function over time, thus introducing next-generation 4D printing.

The conference will not only serve to highlight the field, but also to build collaborations and catalyse effort across industry, government, and academia. Participants will help establish whether there is a current or future need in Australia for an academic Centre, FSP, and/or Industry De-Risking Facility to enhance Australian competitiveness in advanced materials and manufacturing.


29 November 2022
1 December 2022


CSIRO Clayton Research Way, Clayton VIC