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Discovery Innovation Minerals Exploration (DIME) Seminar

15 September 2022

The Discovery Innovation Minerals Exploration (DIME) Seminar (formerly known as the Exploration Seminar) is the Discovery Program’s annual industry-focussed seminar that highlights our recent scientific and technological advances, which are aimed at lifting success rates in mineral exploration. The Discovery Program is focussed on the development of new and innovative, disruptive technologies that lead to increased, but more cost-effective mineral discovery rates, which are environmentally sustainable, effectively contributing to the Australian economy and future needs. The event not only provides an opportunity for us to present and discuss the new ideas we are working on, but provides an opportunity for industry to influence future CSIRO research, through dynamic topic-focussed Q&As and broader panel discussions throughout the day.


Beaumonde on The Point 306 Riverside Dr, East Perth WA