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Quantum Biology and Biotechnology Symposium

24 August 2021

Research in Quantum Biology is growing rapidly. The idea of quantum mechanics and its role in biological systems is an emerging area of capability straddling biology, health, physics, chemistry, material science, bioinformatics and quantum information science.

This cutting-edge symposium is designed to teach and explore the relationship between quantum mechanical phenomena and biological processes with a goal to providing new insight for potential applications for the development of more efficient biological systems and to drive the high-tech quantum breakthroughs.

Invited Speakers

  • Wendy Beane
  • Gabriela Schlau-Cohen
  • David Simpson
  • Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
  • Manolo Per
  • Clarice D’Aiello
  • Thorsten Ritz
  • Lloyd Hollenberg
  • Erik Streed
  • Albert Ardevol Grau
  • Peter Turner
  • Warwick Bowen
  • Irina Kabakova
  • Elizabeth Hinde
  • Johnjoe McFadden
  • Emma Mitchell
  • Jennifer Stow