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Special Spider-Crabs, Boosting Biodiversity & Innovating with Nature

22 May 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Why do thousands of Spider-Crabs gather annually? Why does Australia have such a high rate of species extinction? How does nature inspire innovation and startup businesses? Come along and find out the answers to these questions, and how you can get involved and help out!

Why Do (or Don’t) you Protect Nature?
Dr Lily van Eeden (Postdoctoral Researcher, Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research)
Species are disappearing, including right here in cities. Human actions are the cause, but also the solution. What can we do to save nature, and why don’t we do it? Human behaviour change science gives us the tools we need to help people protect the planet.

After a decade studying plants, animals, and ecosystems, Lily van Eeden realised that saving nature is really about understanding and influencing people. She now uses human behaviour change science to help people protect nature and prevent extinctions.

Getting crabby: solving mysteries behind iconic spider crab get-togethers
Dr Elodie Camprasse (Postdoctoral Researcher, Deakin University)
Thousands & thousands of spider crabs gather in Port Phillip Bay in winter. These get-togethers are world-famous but surprisingly we know little about them! Elodie will tell you how her team is working on solving mysteries surrounding this wonder, and how YOU can help.

Elodie is a marine ecologist with a passion for science communication. She used to be a penguinologist (#RealJobTitle). Now she is focusing on understanding spider crab get-togethers and ecology. She is a keen diver & underwater photographer.

Innovating with Nature to Save the Planet
Dr Megan Sebben (CSIRO Kick-Start Program Manager, CSIRO)
How are Australian inventions, inspired by nature, helping to save the planet? We’ll explore how some of Australia’s most innovative start-ups are turning to natural world to solve some of our greatest challenges, including ending plastic waste and revolutionising medicine.

Megan is the Kick-Start Program Manager at CSIRO. She holds a PhD in Groundwater Hydrology and nowadays is a small business advocate, deeply connected to Australia’s start-up and innovation ecosystem. Megan recently co-hosted and was a guest judge on Channel 10’s Australia By Design: Innovation series.


Molly Rose Brewery, 279/285 Wellington St, Collingwood


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