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Synthetic Biology for production of bio based materials symposium

15 June 2021 - 16 June 2021

What is it about?

This symposium brings together key experts from Australia and around the world who are interested in developing synthetic biology solutions for manufacturing bio based materials across defence, health, and industrial biotechnology sectors. Bio based materials (e.g. fibres) are derived from renewable biological resources. The use of synthetic biology to generate these materials enables the design of bio-based materials which have new or unusual properties, for example biologically active, biodegradable, or physical properties. In addition, synthetic biology may offer sustainable and cost effective production alternatives to chemically manufactured materials.

What does this symposium want to achieve?

The overall aim of the symposium is to identify the challenges, issues and opportunities associated with commercial development of bio based materials produced using synthetic biology and highlight the potential that can be achieved from investing in this area.

The symposium specifically seeks to:

  1. Expand the reach and awareness of the market by increasing the depth and breadth of interdisciplinary expertise, market pull and competitive advantage.
  2. Identify strategic priority areas and types of bio based materials of greatest interest and preferred/targeted chassis organisms to achieve delivery.
  3. Create working groups to develop technological roadmaps and outline barriers to establishment of biological production platforms.