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Technology deployment – Emissions, energy, and employment

12 April 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The risks of not addressing climate change and limiting our carbon emissions are now clear, and these risks are continuing to grow. However, a Net Zero emissions target also comes with opportunities that are often overlooked: new products, jobs, and innovations. Research from Deloitte Access Economics estimates over 250,000 jobs can be added to Australia’s economy by 2070 as a result shifting to a Net Zero economy. Where are these opportunities? And how can we make sure job opportunities are provided to sectors where employment may otherwise decrease in the push to Net Zero?

In this installment of ATSE’s Net Zero series hear form experts in renewable energy deployment about the economic growth and job opportunities that will come from the shift to Net Zero. Join ATSE as we discuss everything from renewable mining practices to opportunities in deploying renewable energy.