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The Behavioural Data Science Approach to Cybersecurity

27 April 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Recent advances in artificial intelligence allow us to design new “hybrid” models merging behavioural science and machine learning algorithms. In this talk, I will showcase several recent projects which use a hybrid methodology of behavioural data science to (i) understand people’s risk taking and risk perceptions in cyber spaces; (iii) segment and detect adversarial behaviour; as well as (iii) predict potential targets. The talk will explain the mechanism and potential behind such models using several use cases. It will also demonstrate additional insights which such models deliver beyond traditional machine learning and usual behavioural science methods. Specifically, the talk will show how behavioural data science approach can generate more accurate predictions of human behaviour and help to deliver better organizational outcomes. The talk will also explain how hybrid modelling can help in identification of cybercriminals as well as in using behavioural segmentation to create cybersecurity social marketing campaigns for the general public.


Ganna Pogrebna is Executive Director of Cyber Security and Data Science Institute at Charles Sturt University and Honourary Professor of Business Analytics and Data Science at the University of Sydney. She is also ESRC-Turing Fellow and Lead for Behavioural Data Science at the Alan Turing Institute in the UK. Her research is on behavioural change for digital security. Ganna’s work was funded by ARC, ONI, NCSC, ESRC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust and industry. She is an author of a book for practitioners on cyber security as a behavioural science – “Navigating New Cyber Risks” – as well as blogger at https://www.cyberbitsetc.org/. She published extensively on human behaviour and cyber security in peer-refereed journals. Her risk-tolerance scale for digital security (CyberDoSpeRT) received the British Academy of Management award. She is also the winner of the UK Women in Technology Award for her contributions to cyber security research and practice.