First Coral IVF babies on the Great Barrier Reef thriving

December 22nd, 2020

Ocean Road Magazine, Other, 21/12/2020
Despite the most widespread bleaching event ever recorded, Southern Cross University researchers have found more than 60 coral colonies, born through the first Coral IVF trial on the Reef in 2016, are thriving and likely to spawn next year. Lead researcher Professor Peter Harrison has just returned from a research trip to Heron Island to check on the progress of the 2016 coral babies and to conduct further Coral IVF trials in the southern Great Barrier Reef. […] Now, as part of the world’s largest coral reefs program, the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program, this technique is being scaled up with the aim to reach kilometre-scale restoration across the Great Barrier Reef in collaboration with Southern Cross University, CSIRO and QUT, and support from Australian Institute of Marine Science.

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