Herding Cats Revisited: Being more advice to aspiring academic and research leaders by Geoff Garrett and Graeme Davies

October 27th, 2021

It is well known that, in their professional lives, most academics and researchers will – like cats – seek to exercise as much independence as possible and may display resistance to anything resembling authority. Nevertheless, leaders of academic/research institutions must still lead and, by common agreement, need all the help and advice they can get!

In the ten years since they wrote their hugely popular first book on the subject, the world has changed almost beyond recognition. Geoff Garrett and Graeme Davies, formerly Vice-Chancellor of the Universities of Liverpool, Glasgow and London, have gained more insights around leading international academic/research institutions, and have talked to even more colleagues around the world. In Herding Cats Revisited they have extended, rewritten and updated their advice to reflect the technology, equality and financial realities of the 2020s. 

A number of former CSIRO colleagues and expert cat herders (now alumni) plus a current senior staffer were among their distinguished and highly value adding ‘consultees’.

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