How Australia’s helping to fight the snowballing threat of space junk

November 8th, 2021

Sydney Morning Herald, Other, 07/11/2021, Alan Duffy
NASA space debris expert Dr Don Kessler was the first to observe that once the amount of space debris reaches a critical point, unavoidable collisions will cause more debris, in a disastrous chain reaction that will make space inaccessible to us. This has been termed the Kessler Syndrome. […] Swinburne University of Technology has partnered with professional services network EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and their space technology and AI lead for Oceania, Dr Olivia Sackett, the CSIRO’s data science research and engineering arm, Data 61, and the Australian space industry consortium SmartSat CRC to develop an industry standard for AI in space, so that systems from different owners can operate in the same space, literally.

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