Join a new frontier of plastics innovation with the Indo-Pacific Plastics Innovation Network

July 24th, 2023

With 90 billion tonnes of primary materials used globally for plastics each year and only 9% of them being recycled, there is an urgent need for action. The Indo-Pacific Plastics Innovation Network (IPPIN), forms part of CSIRO’s Ending Plastic Waste Mission and is helping researchers re-think research and how they can commercialise plastics research for impact.
We offer a range of completive online entrepreneurial programs and will be launching our Accelerator program in September, 2023. 

This eight-week immersive journey supports start-ups, research teams, SMEs, and stakeholders with solutions in designing and developing their business models to funding-level maturity. 

Don’t miss out! Applications open 30 July and close Sunday, 20 August. Find out more about this transformative business development experience at