Kathy Gunn

June 15th, 2021

Area of research:

Observing and quantifying water mass variability using physical and acoustic oceanography. Currently focussed on what drives Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) variability.

Research project details:

I am currently trying to untangle the drivers of water mass variability in AABW. We want to find out how much variability is associated with property changes, and/or changes in volume transport of the dense shelf water. At the moment, I am using historical observations, and will soon bring in some model output.


I am based in Hobart, and part of the O&A business unit.

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

I am interested in mentoring both scientifically and concerning career prospects:

  • I am keen to discuss science, and I would enjoy hearing about my mentor’s work. I am hoping that this process will be mutually beneficial
  • I am also interested in career-related mentoring. I have completed two years of postdoc and just beginning my third, therefore the next step for me is something more permanent. With this in mind, I am specifically seeking advice on how to progress my career, what skills I should develop, as well as what options are available (e.g. funding opportunities, varied career paths). As I haven’t followed the traditional physical oceanography route (my undergrad was geophysics), I am particularly interested in advice about interdisciplinary trajectories.
  • Bi-monthly, or perhaps monthly, meetings would be great. I am happy to meet over email, via video, or in person.
  • Ideally my mentor would be a physical oceanographer.

My general interests:

I’m from the UK, and moved to Hobart earlier this year. I enjoy travelling and exploring new places – Hobart being the latest. Before moving to Hobart, I lived in Miami for two years.

Outside of travel, I’m a keen reader, and mostly enjoy epic fantasy books. I’m also a runner, albeit slow, and have recently joined the gym. Finally, I’m continuing to learn Spanish.

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Kathy Gunn