Katie Hillyer

November 16th, 2020

Area of research:

The interaction of aquatic organisms and their environment, via the study of biochemical and molecular change (metabolites, lipids, proteins and genes). My background is in coral reef ecology and physiology (both corals and reef fishes) and change associated with thermal stress, disease and environmental degradation. I am interested in developing high throughput monitoring techniques to better understand and manage aquatic systems.

Research project details:

Project title: Towards total systems biology-based monitoring of anthropogenic contaminants and their impact on aquatic ecosystems.

In my PDF project I am coupling traditional monitoring of contaminated aquatic systems to assessments via multi-omics (combined study of metabolites, lipids, proteins and genes) to develop novel monitoring techniques and characterise cellular and functional change in these systems.


Land and Water, Dutton Park, Brisbane

My expectations from a mentoring partnership:

In any mentoring partnership I would look for open and dynamic conversations. Areas that I would like to include are:

  • How to network better
  • Goal planning
  • General life advice!

I would hope for:

  • Support as per organic discussion with you, the mentor, perhaps 30 min every few months
  • Happy for a face to face coffee/zoom/webex whatever suits
  • No experience necessary, but broadly similar research interests would be useful for context/network specific discussions

General interests:

I love the sea and the outdoors, also a big fan of anything involving food, with wine even better.


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