Laboratories Credit Union

September 21st, 2020

Laboratories Credit Union

LCU was started in 1954 by eight CSIRO staff in NSW with a large proportion of its current membership base having linkages to CSIRO. LCU membership now extends beyond CSIRO current and former staff and their families and they welcome membership from affiliated companies and organisations around Australia.

Scholarship Scheme

LCU has a strong history of involvement in the community
It’s all about being part of a Credit Union that is different from other financial institutions. At LCU it’s all about our members and our community. We are here to serve our community.

Laboratories Credit Union shares similar goals to the alumni in supporting education and academic achievement.

LCU are proud to support the Scholarship Scheme.  Each year LCU offers twelve scholarships. Eight scholarships are offered to students who have completed their Higher School Certificate and have been accepted into an Australian University or other acceptable tertiary institution. Two scholarships are offered to students who have fully completed an Associate Diploma and another two scholarships to those who have fully completed their trade certificate course.

To be eligible for an award the recipient must be an active member of LCU or is the child or grandchild of an active member of Laboratories Credit Union. Apply or learn more about these scholarships*.

*Full details; terms & conditions and eligibility criteria for applying for an LCU scholarship are available on

Benefits of becoming a member of Laboratories Credit Union

LCU’s vision is to deliver efficient, traditional and highly personalised service and LCU offers all members the benefits of having a Personal Banker regardless of income or account balance.  Services include:

•    Term deposits

•    e*Saver accounts

•    Easy access to your funds via Visa debit, direct debits and credits etc.

•    Minimal fees and charges

•    All staff will work together with you to make your banking experience hassle free and to achieve your financial goals

•    Access to experienced and qualified staff and management

•    Access to specialist financial advice including

•    Financial planning

•    Estate planning

•    Loans – for home, mortgage, investment, car, share, personal and overdraft loans.  All loans are subject to normal lending criteria.

To join the Credit Union please contact any one of the friendly LCU staff on

02-9859 0585 or visit their website at