Michelle Carter – “Mentoring with ON”

September 29th, 2020

After leaving CSIRO, Michelle kept in touch with her former team and volunteers as a mentor within the ON program.

Michelle worked within the CSIRO ON team as the Accelerator Manager and managed the mentor network. She was involved with two Accelerator programs and is still in touch with many of the teams.

When Michelle left CSIRO, she went to join KPMG within their Innovate team. She felt this was a natural career progression as she now works in a similar area, but a different type of role. In her new job, her experience in managing accelerator programs has been recognised as quite unique, as not many people have the opportunity to learn these skills.

“What I did at CSIRO helped form the foundations of what I do now”

Michelle stayed in touch with the ON Team and was invited back as a mentor. Within the program, she was matched to a team and catches up with them regularly and joins them at networking events.

She has always been keen to help make an impact and support scientists and researchers.

“I want to give back to the community and help them carve their own career path in the start-up space”

Michelle describes being part of the ON mentor community as ‘incredible’ and enjoys the close-knit community of like-minded people. As the CSIRO ON team organise and cater events, there is the opportunity to catch up with other mentors and develop relationships across a range of teams.

We’d encourage our alumni members to consider becoming a mentor within the ON program or getting involved with one of our other CSIRO teams who would welcome your experience and help with their projects.

Sharing your expertise is a great opportunity to engage with emerging technology and research sector across Australia.