Mustafa Abeer

September 19th, 2022

Area of research:

Gastrointestinal digestion of proteins, plant-based proteins, bioprocessing, nanotechnology, intestinal permeability, peptides, formulation development, therapeutic proteins

Research project details:

My current postdoctoral project aims at assessing the effects of bioprocessing on the digestibility of plant-based proteins. It also includes investigation of the digestion products to ascertain health effects due to constituent peptides.

In terms of digestion, my aim is to account for physiological functions of enzymes and microbes affecting protein digestibility. I have entered into digestion arena, after previously having worked in pharmaceutical formulation development projects using nanotechnology and permeation enhancers with potential to improve oral absorption of peptides.


Agriculture and Food, Werribee Site, Victoria

Expectations from a mentoring partnership:

I am interested in learning about the key performance indicators at current level, which can help me understand career progression.

Simply put, what made them the leader or helped climbing the ladder is my goal of the mentor partnership. Any tips or help on networking the right way will be a great help. Any level of support on understanding the soft skills and people skills with real examples would be ideal.

I’d like to meet a few times, so 2-3 times a year would be a great help. I can meet in person, over email or Webex

A mentor from pharmaceutical or biomedical circles would be a great help, who have focus on product development from natural resources or biological effects of macromolecules.

More about me:

I love to extend my support wherever I can in my free time. A long-standing interest is that I would love to do something about public engagement for science through digital media to invigorate interest of the public in scientific developments and gather their support.


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