Océane Richet

September 19th, 2022

Area of research:

I am a physical oceanographer / modeller interested in understanding processes and the circulation in the ocean. In the future I would be interested to work more across fields, bringing my expertise in physical oceanography / models to interdisciplinary projects.

Research project details:

During my PhD, with a numerical 2D model, I studied the generation and dissipation of internal tides at/near rough topography in deep ocean.
Currently, my main work in my postdoc is to understand what control the partitioning of the Indonesian Throughflow and the Indonesian seawater properties. For this I have developed 3D regional numerical simulations.
One of my side-project is to understand the interaction of a Kelvin wave with a hydraulically controlled flow above a sill with a 1.5-layer toy model.


Oceans & Atmosphere, Hobart, Tasmania

Expectations from a mentoring partnership:

  • I am mostly looking for having career-related guidance as I am going toward the end of my second postdoc at CSIRO and I hope to transition toward a more permanent position. I am seeking for advices on how to better position myself for reaching this goal: skills that I should develop, advice on how to write more competitive applications, what are the opportunities around (grants, awards, career paths, etc), how CSIRO works and how can I be part of it.
  • I would also enjoy talking about science even if we are not in the same area of research
  • Meeting once per month would be a good – which can be in-person or via Zoom or Webex
  • Ideally, my mentor would have experience in a related field to mine (climate/atmosphere/oceanography)

More about me:

I am from France and moved to Hobart 4.5 years ago after my PhD. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places and cultures. I had the chance to live in Norway for 6 months during my Master degree and in the USA (Boston and cape cod) for 6 months during my PhD.

I like to think that I have the spirit of an adventurer. I am a keen bushwalker, mountain biker, skier, sometimes sailor and climber. I like to challenge myself with the goal of learning new outdoor sports like paragliding, back country skiing and that one day I will finish to climb all the Abels of Tasmania.

Google Scholar https://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=MzUXNVgAAAAJ&hl=en