Plastics Innovation Hub Symposium

March 8th, 2021

About the Plastics Innovation Hub Symposium

The Plastics Innovation Hub Symposium is a two half-day virtual event which will bring together key stakeholders across the plastics ecosystem.

At this event, you will collaborate with others in small teams to:

  • Prioritise the problem areas in the plastics life cycle where innovation and deep-tech is most required and can have the most impact.
  • Pinpoint alignment between stakeholder needs/interests and The Hub’s priority problem areas.
  • Identify the right incentives to rally support from key stakeholders and the activities that will enable deep exploration, collaboration, and solution-making to occur.
  • Co-create a charter of collaboration principles to ensure transparency and openness in The Hub’s governance.

In addition to the group activities, this event will offer you the opportunity to network with key stakeholders working across the plastics ecosystem and learn from globally renowned guest speakers.

Who should attend?

Government, industry, Startups, NGOs, investors, researchers and innovators working on solutions in abating the leakage of plastics into our environment.

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